As a member of the club, you can be part of our USA Track and Field (USATF) racing team –Fleet Feet / Essex Racing.  We compete against other teams from New Jersey in the USATF-NJ team grand prix competition and we’re ranked as a club based on how many points we accumulate during the year at the USATF-NJ championship races. These races are held around the state between March and November at distances ranging from 1 mile to half marathon. There are separate teams for men and women in both open and masters age groups (40-49, 50-59, 60-69, etc.). Some races are championships for all divisions, meaning all teams, while others are for teams of a specific gender or age. Click here for a list of all the championship races for 2019 and the respective divisions.

Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate since we can enter as many teams as we like and every team earns at least one point. Most teams can have up to 10 people with the top 5 finishers counting in the results. If we have more then 10 runners then we can enter multiple teams and each team will earn at least one point. So we would encourage you to come out and try running for the teams. It can be a lot of fun and many people find they run faster when running as part of a team! Although it’s not required, most team members wear a Fleet Feet / Essex shirt or singlet when running for the team and you will receive a Fleet Feet / Essex singlet when you first join the team. or you can click here to order clothing from our online store. 

Please contact Mick Close if you would like to join our team or have any questions. We also create an event on Facebook for each of the team races to provide you with more information about each race and to help us determine how many people will be running. Please try to use these events to indicate if you will be going to a race. Click here to view the events currently on Facebook in the ERC members only group.

How To Participate

To get involved in our USATF team:

1. Become a member of USA Track and Field (USATF). If you're not currently a USATF member, please visit newjersey.usatf.org/membership/join.aspx to join or renew your membership.

2. Mark Fleet Feet / Essex Racing (Club Number 0246) as your club when you join USATF.

3. Take a photo of your New Jersey driver's licence and email it to services@usatfnj.org  to confirm your residency and date of birth. 

4. Run in a USATF-NJ championship race – please notify your team captain the week before the race so we know to include you on our teams. The team captain has to include the bib numbers on the team roster so it is much easier if you pre-register for the race so we can pick up your bib number from the list of pre-registered runners, otherwise you will need to contact the team captain on the day of the race.

Incentive / Reward Program

The club started an incentive program in 2012 designed to reward you for running on the club team. We will reimburse your USATF membership dues for the next year if you ran on a club team at a specific number of USATF-NJ championship races during the prior year. The purpose is to help encourage and promote participation at team events. See below for more details.

So, how does the incentive / reward program actually work you ask!

During the year you need to keep track of how many times you run on a club team at a USATF-NJ championship race. You will qualify for the reward if you run at least five times on a club team if you are a masters runner (40 and over) or at least four times if you are an open runner (under 40). You can only count the races when you actually run on a club team. For example, if you are a male and run a team race that is a championship race for women’s teams only then you do not get credit for the race. Races will count even if we don’t have enough people to field a team.

The following year, when you renew your USATF membership, you should send an e-mail to one of our team captains (Laura Barry Pierotti or Mick Close) with a request to verify your eligibility for reimbursement of the USATF membership fee. To be eligible you must have run the requisite number of team races in the prior year, must still be an ERC member in good standing and must declare Fleet Feet / Essex (team 246) as your team affiliation again. Assuming you meet all the criteria, the club treasurer will mail you a check for your USATF membership dues.