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Join us on Sunday, August 4 for a morning of fun, food, and a little friendly running competition. The annual Inter Club Challenge will take place at 9:00AM at Garret Mountain Reservation in Woodland Park, NJ. We will be doing online registration again this year. Please sign up now for this FREE event.

Plan to arrive at Garret Mountain by 8:30 AM to allow time to park and pick up your bib number. After you enter the reservation, follow the road around until you reach the upper picnic area at the Great Meadow near the Auto Overlook. The race will start there and will be two loops around the reservation on the road for a total of 4 miles.

This unique event pits Essex Running Club, Clifton Road Runners, North Jersey Masters and Geezers against each other in an unofficial club competition. The informal race is handicapped based on age and sex with the oldest females from each club toeing the line first, followed every few minutes by the next group of age-appropriate runners until the youngest males cross the line at the back of the pack. Every runner has a chance to be the first across the finish line! Then, finishing positions are tallied up and one local club is crowned as the victor.

Wear your team colors—come early for pre-race breakfast and stay late for the after-party (catered by NJM)! The picnic is a once-a-year opportunity to socialize with your top competitors. We do, after all, share a love for the same sport!

2018 Results

Last year's race was held on Saturday, July 21 2018 at Garrett Mountain Reservation. It was two laps around the park on the road for a total of 4 miles. There were 4 clubs represented and 71 finishers.

  • Clifton - 37

  • Essex - 17

  • North Jersey Masters - 15

  • Geezers - 2

The overall results for the Inter Club Challenge Trophy were scored based on the finishing position of the top 15 finishers for each club with Clifton coming out on top this year. Click here for the complete individual results.

Inter Club Challenge Trophy:

  1. Clifton - 222 points

  2. Essex - 429 points

  3. North Jersey Masters - 615 points

Awards were also given in the following categories.

Top Female Finishers:

  1. Suzanne LaBurt (Clifton)

  2. Kerry Monahan Gaughan (Clifton)

  3. Debbie Brathwaite (North Jersey Masters)

Top Male Finishers:

  1. Ezequiel Garcia (Clifton)

  2. Charlie Slaughter (Essex)

  3. Jack Frame (North Jersey Masters)

Oldest Finishers:

  • Female - Cami Klein (North Jersey Masters)

  • Male - Mike Machuca (North Jersey Masters)

Youngest Finishers:

  • Female - Stacey Slaughter (Essex) and Ashley Grimes (Essex)

  • Male - Jackson Bangs (Essex) and Alex Delagado (Clifton)

Click on the link below for the complete individual results:

Great job everyone and a special thank you to all the volunteers who made this competition a smoothly running affair!