inter club challenge


2019 Results

This year's race was held on Sunday, August 4 at Garrett Mountain Reservation. It was two laps around the park on the road for a total of 4 miles. There were 4 clubs represented and 87 finishers.

  • Clifton - 43

  • Essex - 21

  • North Jersey Masters - 21

  • Geezers - 2

The overall results for the Inter Club Challenge Trophy were scored based on the finishing position of the top 21 finishers for each club with Clifton coming out on top this year. Click here for the complete individual results.

Inter Club Challenge Trophy:

  1. Clifton - 520 points

  2. North Jersey Masters - 838 points

  3. Essex - 969 points

Awards were also given in the following categories.

Top Female Finishers:

  1. Debbie Brathwaite (North Jersey Masters)

  2. Dalva Santos (Essex)

  3. Pat Kose (North Jersey Masters)

Top Male Finishers:

  1. Ezequiel Garcia (Clifton)

  2. Charlie Slaughter (Essex)

  3. Ed Kavanagh (North Jersey Masters)

Oldest Finisher:

  • Al Swan (Clifton)

Youngest Finisher:

  • Bridget Taipe (Clifton)

Click here for the complete individual results.


Click on the link below for the results from 2018: